Gaming Related Sites:

Volition, Inc. Creators of Descent, Freespace, Red Faction, Saint's Row, as well as other games and my current employer as of July 2009.
3d Realms Creators of the Duke Nukem games.  I worked for 3DR from early 2007 through mid 2009.
Ritual Entertainment Creators of Sin, Heavy Metal F.A.K.K. 2, Star Trek Elite Force 2, Counter Strike Xbox and Condition Zero, etc.  I worked for Ritual from mid 2005 through early 2007.
2015 Creators of the very popular Medal of Honor: Allied Assault PC game, the Vietnam-based first person shooter Men of Valor.  I worked for 2015 from late 2002 through early 2005.
Sin Episodes Home page of my third game - Sin Episodes: Emergence.
Men of Valor Home page of my second game - Men of Valor.
America's Army Home page of my first game - America's Army: Operations.
Gametab Great site - it's a live RSS feed of the top headlines of multiple game news sites.  My homepage.
Shacknews Great game related news site.

Fun Sites:

Penny Arcade Great online web comic - the guys who do the comic strip, Tycho and Gabe, were great supporters of AA:O (and just all around cool guys).
Angst Technology Another great online web comic.
Ctrl+Alt+Del A great online strip about gaming that I discovered recently (although it's been going for a couple of years).  Really funny comic strip.
PvP The last of my favorite online web comics.
FARK Odd and interesting tidbits of news and whatnot.
Crunch Gear Interesting site about current tech, gadgets, and games.  A friend of mine writes for them occasionally.