These are some of the models I created for the JRTC Farm map for America's Army: Operations.  I was looking to recapture the look of the abandoned and deteriorating farm buildings that are everywhere back home.
This is the 250 foot jump tower model that I did for the Airborne training portion of AA:O.  Because the player gets fairly close to the model in-game, each strut has been individually created instead of using a transparent alpha texture across an entire side.

This is an abused metal stairway that I built for the Weapons Cache map for AA:O.  Some of the back faces are missing from this shot because the model was designed to be placed in a rectangular shaft, and the faces that would never be seen were deleted.
This is a partially busted up wood footbridge that I did for the HQ Raid map for AA:O.  There's a strong light source at one end of the bridge in the game, so I modeled the slats individually so that you would get some interesting light effects from underneath the bridge.

This is a tank from the exterior portion of the Pipeline map for AA:O.  This was recreated from a photo of an actual piece of machinery at one of the Alaskan Pipeline pump stations.